Jump Bros Risk Assessment and Management Policy and Procedure

Safety is always paramount at Jump Bros Coasteering, but it must be appreciated that an element of risk is inherent in this activity; absolute safety can never be guaranteed. It is however recognized that all reasonable precautions be taken to reduce this inherent element of risk.

Under health and safety legislation and NCC guidelines, in accordance with The National Trust Pembrokeshire Coasteering Concordant 2015, Jump Bros Coasteering have a duty to ensure the health and safety of those who participate in coastering, both clients and staff.

Jump Bros Coasteering also have a duty to ensure that no one else is harmed as a result of the coasteering activity. As part of this duty, Jump Bros Coasteering must ensure that a risk assessment is undertaken for each activity by a competent person which covers those risks that are reasonably foreseeable.


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